About us

We are a couple of self-styled espresso aficionados in our late 60’s, based in Vancouver, Canada. Paul Gully is a (mostly retired) public health physician, who continues an interest and involvement in global health issues. Lois Leslie, a human rights lawyer, is retired from paid employment but enthusiastically engages in pro-bono international human rights research and writing. When not working or adventure-seeking, we love to spend time with our grandchildren in Vancouver and Paris, France.

We became hooked on cycle-touring when cycling across Canada, in 2013. Since then, we have cycled from Vancouver to Monterey, California and from Lands End, England to John O’Groats, Scotland. In the winter of 2017, we will continue our eastward journey, cycling from Lisbon to Auckland. We plan to use that trip to draw attention to and raise funds for Parkinson’s Disease. Any funds donated will go to Parkinson Society British Columbia. Please visit our donor page: Shifting Gears for Parkinson’s.