Thursday March 28, 2013

While cycling around Stanley Park on another gorgeous day, we were, momentarily, questioning the sanity of our decision to be away from the west coast all summer. We then continued cycling into the sunset and onto Granville Market to buy Easter chocolates.



Tuesday March 26, 2013

Today our run took us back to UBC and again to West Point Cycles. When trying to find the lightest way to keep the weight down, but remain secure, we discovered Pinhead Locks. These replace the spindles and lock the wheels. This means that we can use a smaller, and lighter, standard lock. We will let you know if they work! (update: they do!)


Sunday March 24, 2013

What a great day for a ride in the sunshine to Deep Cove for lunch with Chris and Shinyoung, at Honey Doughnuts and Goodies. The 36km jaunt was caught on film (clever Chris duplicates us!), including Lois coming off the dusty narrow noisy slog over the Workers’ Memorial Bridge.



Thursday March 21, 2013

Another 30Km day, also out to UBC. This time it was sunny and not bad weather for fixing a flat tire.


Tuesday March 19, 2013

Our ride, of around 30km, took us along False Creek, English Bay and UP to UBC. We visited West Point Cycles on the return to buy more supplies, including a smart new helmet for Lois. I will have to get one as well as I realize mine is probably beyond the 10 year expiry date. Lois’s bike should arrive in two weeks and therefore hopefully in time for our trip to Victoria.

It was cold, but not rainy. We guiltily admired the first cherry blossoms while snow storms continue everywhere to the east.


Later, we planned our route, calculating daily distances and possible resting places. This will be “subject to change”, but is a start.

Thursday March 14, 2013

The forecast was for rain and it poured as we circled Stanley Park for a 20km+ ride. The experience confirmed our wardrobe deficiencies: booties, helmet cover and waterproof gloves! There were pluses however; the sighting of a seal and four immature bald eagles.

Sunday March 12, 2013

IMPORTANT DAY: We planned out our training schedule over coffee at Terra Breads Cafe and then embarked on our first ride. Uphill all the way but lunch at Cozi Cafe and downhill on the way back. Total distance approx 12 kms. It’s a start!

Saturday March 11, 2013

Back to West Point Cycles where Lois decided on a pair of shoes (although she says she has still not committed to the clip-in pedals!). After a lot of debate, we also came away with sets of Ortlieb panniers. We are now having to ensure our clothes and equipment are colour-coordinated! We also talked about lights and purchased a wonderful tool which assists in almost all maintenance and repair and fits into a miniature pouch.

Friday March 10, 2013

We decided to widen our repertoire of cycle shops, so wandered along Broadway between Cambie and Main. The staff of Valhalla were as helpful as before when we bought jackets for Nepal, and we had a good discussion about tents. Ice Breaker produces cycle clothes which we will be sporting. La Bicicletta was a real find. We bought more clothing as well as a Garmin 810, and got lots of advice and encouragement, even though we admitted getting our bikes from a competitor.