Thursday May 30, 2013. Day off

Lois decided she would like to change her saddle. She has not been entirely comfortable on it, depite various efforts to adjust hight and tilt. Bike touring requires a firmer saddle, to provide proper support over long rides and to prevent chafing, so we knew that the transition from the gel seats of our hybrids was going to take some time. But after more than 1000km, Lois was no longer convinced it was a matter of breaking it in. While having coffee this morning, we happened to meet the owner of a bike store up the street. Chris was very helpful and after a test ride, Lois’ bike is now equipped with a new, slightly softer and wider saddle, but we will keep the other one in reserve. (Paul, on the other hand, will now be carrying both the old pedals and the old saddle, at least unil Edmonton.)

While on our test run, Lorraine and Norm overtook us on the main street! We spent a very enjoyable day with them, wandering around Jasper, stopping for lunch, then afternoon beers at the Jasper Brewing Companty and an excellent meal at Syrahs restaurant. After dinner, we drove through the back streets of Jasper and up to Patricia Lake, spotting some mule deer on the way there, and elk on our return.

One thought on “Thursday May 30, 2013. Day off”

  1. Great that you could meet up with Lorraine and Norm, were they just passing through?
    Forgot to ask, if you see a bear what do you, presumably just pedal very, very fast? x

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