Thursday June 20, 2013. Day Off

We moved over to the Bessborough Hotel this morning – a bit of luxury, a Father’s Day gift from Maritia. The Bessborough, one of the great old CN hotels (now Delta) was where our family stayed when we first arrived in Saskatchewan from England in 1985 and where we said goodbye to our Saskatoon friends 5 years later, when we were moving to Ottawa. The day was rainy and cool, but it was lovely to be back in the city, the first time we were both back here together since 1990. Saskatoon,  a planned “garden city” with wide tree-lined streets and the riverbank reserved  for public use remains one of our favourite cities. We connected with old friends, including Stuart and Mary Houston, ate at Calories again, and walked by our old house. The pelicans are still on the river near the weir.

The winds and weather should be more favourable tomorrow for resuming our trip.

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