Saturday June 22, 2013. Day 25

Colonsay to Lanigan

We took advantage of our kitchenette in Kobi’s Hideaway Motel to make breakfast (and because Ben’s Place is closed on Saturday), and began the day with a decent espresso. Colonsay installed a reverse osmosis water treatment plant, which makes the prairie surface water much more palatable (We made sure all of our water bottles were refilled!)

The wind continues to challenge us. We have now crossed half of Saskatchewan against the wind. The effect is a bit like a continual climb, without the descent. To keep our spirits up, we have resorted to using our iPods. After a couple of attempts at sharing music from one bike with speakers, we decided that our cycling (like our running) musical interests are not compatible! (Different cadences?) Lois is listening to folk and country (and the occasional Sibelius symphony), while Paul has on his running rock mix.

Close to Lanigan is a large mine. The Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan is the worlds largest producer. The immense piles of tailings are easily visible from the air. We haven’t seen much evidence of an impact of the economic boom on the infrastructure of the small communities through which we are passing.

Wildlife notes: Green-winged Teal, Ruddy Ducks, Avocets (protecting their nests).

We remain in the traditional territory of the Treaty 6 First Nations.

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