Monday June 24, 2013. Day 27

Wynyard to Yorkton

After looking at the forecast,  we decided to go all the way to Yorkton today, rather than stopping at Foam Lake, as planned (and we did not want to get too used to 60 kms days!). The winds were from the west and south-west, with clear blue skies. Tomorrow, rain is expected, with strong winds from the east. Given the distance and the anticipated temperature of 30C, we set our alarm for 5:30 and were at the Wynyard Bakery and Cafe before 6:00. The bakery, which opens even earlier in hunting season, is decorated with a series of photographs of the interiors of Ukranian Orthodox churches in the area.

With a tailwind, the cycling was easy and enjoyable. We passed the towns of Mozart  and Leslie, among others. We were in Foam Lake by 10, where we stopped and had a lovely visit with Lois’ cousin Cecile, and her husband, Alec. We parted with goodies and refilled water bottles in hand.

At Sheho, we turned off the highway and found a shady spot under a tree to eat our sandwiches. We went into the  Hart to Hart tea shop in search of hot water to brew tea in our David’s tea mugs and  chatted with the owner, Joanna and her guests about farming and the demise of small towns in Saskatchewan.

We think we must be “hard core” as we are acknowledged, mostly, by motorcyclists and truck drivers!

We are taking a day off tomorrow. Paul will be giving a presentation tomorrow night by Skype to a meeting in Hong Kong.

Wildlife notes: White-tailed deer, Red Foxes, Chipmunk.

We are on the traditional territory of the First Nations of  the Yorkton Tribal Council. Sakimay is the closest community.

2 thoughts on “Monday June 24, 2013. Day 27”

  1. You most certainly ARE hardcore! I am so impressed. And like others, enjoying keeping up with you virtually on this amazing journey. I’m also struck by your patience and gratitude along the way.

    As you get closer to Ottawa I would love to meet you en route and peddle with you a bit. My hybrid is MUCH SLOWER than a road bike (I learned doing the tour de Mississippi Mills a few weeks back) so I wouldn’t want to hold you up! But let me know if that’s a possibility.

    Bonne Route!

    1. Hi Susan! Joining us is definitely an option and no worries about speed. We’re carrying a lot of gear, so we’re not that fast! Be great to have you along!

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