Monday July 15, 2013. Day 44

Rossport to Marathon

Trees and rocks, rocks and trees, and HILLS…and water. It was a good day, but a tiring one. The winding road and hilly terrain continued, with many challenging steep climbs. It feels like the Rockies all over again! The rain had stopped by morning, but we left in a thick fog and the mist lasted for much of the day, making it difficult to see what was coming up. We kept our headlights on the whole time. On the plus side, there was no wind and the hard shoulder was not bad for most of the way.

We met fellow cyclers Stan and Shirley, from the Okanagan,, who are also riding from Victoria to St. John’s. They are the first cyclists we have met on this tip who are apparently over 40! They did not seem too happy with their experience, however. This contrasted with the enthusiasm of  Kim, who started in Halifax and was going to Tofino. She had just seen what was probably a wolf on the misty road and was still a little shaken by the close encounter. We later met Francois and Eric, who started from the Quebec Ontario border and are heading to Vancouver. On turning into a picnic spot, we met Michael who is long boarding across Canada with his son, raising money for cancer research.

Tomorrow, we head east, away from the lake for a couple of days,  and are expecting a flatter road!

Wildlife Notes: for Anne, we saw no moose or bears!

We are on the traditional territory of the Matawa First Nations.

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