Friday July 19, 2013. Day 48

Montreal River to Batchewana Bay

The thunderstorm continued into the night and it was still raining in the morning. We decided to wait it out for awhile, as our shoes were still wet from last night and we were reluctant to get soaked again. While at breakfast in the “chip wagon”, we heard two gunshots. The owner did not seem particularly perturbed and said. “That must be Ricky, shooting at a bear”. At the time we were sitting next to a gabage bin with claw marks from a marauding bear last year. Apparently there were few berries available that summer and so it ate all of the peanut butter and jam instead. On leaving the lodge, we did not see Ricky, or the bear.

During the short ride, which still managed to include a few very steep hills, the clouds started to lift and the headwind improved. The highway was very close to the lake and we had marvellous views. On the way, we saw a number of downed trees and broken branches from the storm. By the time we got to Batchewana Bay, the sun was out and we could sit on the beach. What a difference a day makes.

Wildlife notes: Sandhill Cranes

We are on the traditional territory of the Robinson Superior Treaty First Nations and close to the Batchewana First Nation community. They are developing a wind farm on their land. We saw one sign objecting.

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