Thursday July 25, 2013. Day 53

Manitowaning to South Baymouth

It was  a short ride in glorious sunshine to the ferry at South Baymouth. The southern part of the island is rolling hills, interspersed with farmland. We passed  a number of Sandhill Cranes that rattled loudly at us, presumably protecting their young. On the road, we met two cyclists from a Cycle Canada tour. This is the same organization associated with the accident last week, but a different group.  We talked to a number of others in the tour while waiting for the ferry in South Baymouth. There was an interesting mixture of individuals and couples, including one man from New Zealand and another from Germany. While the idea of having all your gear transported for you while you ride unemcumbered is appealing, we are happy to be travelling on our own, with the flexibility that provides.

We sat out on the deck of the ferry during the 1 and 3/4 hour crossing and chatted with Stan and Shirley, the couple from the Okanagan. Other cyclists, e.g., Paul and Joe, are carrying on Highway 17.

Our friends John and Ruth Bainbridge met us in Tobermory and we are staying with them in their house overlooking Lake Huron. We sat outside all evening as the sun went down listening only to the lapping of waves, rustling of the leaves and birds sounds.

We are on the traditional territory of the Saugeen Ojibway Nation.

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