Monday July 29, 2013. Day 56

Durham to Fergus

Breakfast at the Forest Edge B&B was served beside a floor-to-ceiling window overlooking the front gardens and beside the music room, which housed a grand piano. The owners are musicians and sometimes house musical events. We were served homemade granola with fresh fruit salad and the best scrambled eggs that we have had so far on this trip. Back on Highway 6, we headed south again. The wind, while still from the south,  was not as troublesome as yesterday and it only rained for an hour or so. In a coffee shop in Mount Forest, we were asked if we wanted skim milk, soy milk, or milk for our lattes. We knew then that we had entered another zone! We saw another Amish horse and buggy in that town and heard the hooves skidding on the asphalt. Out on the highway, we got a return wave from a couple in a wagon, presumably as we were travelling under our own horsepower. There was a very narrow hard shoulder but a well maintained gravel one, perhaps for the horse drawn traffic? The route took us through rich farm land which was established in the mid 19th C. Many of the older farm houses are of a similar style with a Gothic arch in the middle of the roof at the front of the building. We stopped at a pioneer cemetery and most of the deceased had been born in Scotland. Settlers from there also founded Fergus, where we are staying with our friends, John and Catherine. Later in the afternoon, they showed us around Fergus, as well as nearby Elora. The Grand River runs past their house, which is part of the old mill buildings, and down the Elora Gorge and on to the south.
We all ended a lovely day in the local pub where we ate dinner and played a trivia game with a large crowd of local people. The sound of the river accompanied us to sleep.

Wildlife notes: Eastern Kingbird, call of a Northern Cardinal.

We are on the traditional territory of the Six Nations of the Grand River, signatories to the 1784 Haldimand Treaty.

2 thoughts on “Monday July 29, 2013. Day 56”

  1. Today will be day 60 of your bike trip. That is so awesome; and most days are in the saddle. I think of you every time I go for a little bike ride and come home with a sore butt. It sounds like you are back in the land of good coffee and friends. What a lot of miles you have covered in heat and wind and rain and traffic. Safe travels. Big hugs, Isy

  2. Isy,
    We made an error late last night and today is 57 – apologies!
    Thanks for your continued encouragement. It is lovely to hear from you.

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