Monday August 26, 2013. Day 79

Port Elgin to Charlottetown, P.E.I.

With the wind behind us, we sped east along the TransCanada to Cape Jourimain and the Confederation Bridge. On the way, just after passing a large sign and flashing yellow lights warning about moose, we had to pass one on the shoulder, that must have been hit during the night. The vehicle was not there, but bits of plastic, glass and radiator fluid remained on the road. It was sad that this was the only moose we have seen in the east.

The wait for the required shuttle across the 12.9 km bridge to Prince Edward Island was less that 30 mins and, with our bikes suitably tied down onto a trailer, we crossed into our 8th province. It was our first time on the Confederation Bridge, opened in 1997. Unfortunately, we missed the welcome sign as it was on the part of the highway that was inaccessible to us.

“PEI is not flat!”

The weather was increasingly grey and close and we had to put on our raincoats just out of Charlottetown. The road was OK but certainly hillier than we had remembered! We had some views of the sea and coast across fields of potatoes, wheat and oats. We are taking a day off  to explore the provincial capital.

We are on the traditional territory of the Mi’kmaq People, specifically the Pigtogeoag District


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  1. It’s VERY HILLY!! when we were there a few weeks ago I kept thinking about you guys! I didn’t want to say anything … 🙂 but it’s darn hilly!

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