Monday September 2, 2013. Day 85

Baddeck to North Sydney

As we keep reminding ourselves, this trip isn’t over until it’s over. It can still throw anything at us, and it does! (Paul is convinced that snow will be added to the list of potential elements, even though none is forecast for the region in the foreseeable future!)
We suspected that the 57 km ride to North Sydney ferry terminal was not going to be straightforward when 1) our shoes were still wet from yesterday (shoe covers work to a point, but not against torrential downpours) and 2) the weather was grayer and windier than forecast. However, we were excited to be heading to Newfoundland, our 10th province, and were pleased to find good espresso on the way out of town. The #205 was by the lake and quiet. The #105 (TCH) was fine and then we were confronted by Kelly’s Mt and a 250m incline over 7km against a headwind.The view at the top was spectacular, however, despite the mist,  and we enjoyed the long ascent down to the Great Bras d’Or Channel. But, then we had to cross the long Seal Island Bridge across the channel. The bridge was narrow with no shoulder and pedestrians were prohibited. We had no choice but to make our way slowly across, trying not to look at the fast- moving waters below, and hoping no semis came rumbling along behind. From then on, the hard shoulder up the hills was filled by a rumble strip which did not help our mood! Eventually, we got to North Sydney in blowy misty rain. The ferry was docked waiting for us with a reserved cabin for the 14-hour crossing to Placentia Bay.

We are on the traditional territory of the Mi’kmaq People, specifically the District of Onamag. We passed through the First Nations community of Bras d’Or.

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