Saturday April 25, 2015. Day 13



Preston to Kendal: 76km

Today, we had to cycle through rain for the first time on this trip. After a memorable breakfast (because of the porridge) we headed to the A6, which led to the NCN Route No 6. The route crisscrossed the M6 several times as well as the mainline rail line and the Lancaster Canal. We joined the canal after passing though Scorton, where we took advantage of public washrooms that scored gold in the 2015 Loo Awards! The rain was constant by the time we got to Carnforth, where we found shelter and hot soup at Booth’s Supermarket.

Departing from Carnforth, we passed the rail station which we realized was the location for the 1940’s movie “Brief Encounter“. We lost Route 6 and rejoined the A6 only to find Route 6 again for a few short climbs, good views of the Lake District in the distance, and our descent to Kendal. We will be looking for Kendal Mint Cake in the morning, but given that it will be Sunday we may be out of luck.

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