Sunday, April 2, 2023

We are currently in Ottawa airport, on our way to London, via Toronto. After a farewell dinner at 10 Acres in Sidney on Tuesday with Mish, Steve, Jade, Rhys and Emme, we flew to Ottawa early Wednesday morning, for a brief visit with Chris, Shinyoung, Alice and Eliot. While the minus temperatures were a bit of a shock after the cherry blossoms in Victoria, we have had a lovely time playing and reading with Alice and Eliot, eating delicious meals, walking in the snow, visiting a sugar bush and attending gymnastics and soccer practices.
We are looking forward to another week of visiting with friends and family in England,  before beginning our walk on Easter Monday.  Although we have not been able to do the training that we had planned (and begun, but abandoned due to Lois’ hip muscle strain), we are hoping that the exercises and some rest will have helped.

2 thoughts on “Sunday, April 2, 2023”

  1. Happy Easter you two. I went to set up the zoom call and felt so sad that I could not include Mo. Also you are in far lands enjoying the lovely village in England. we will think of you two when we meet tomorrow.

    1. Thank you, Heather. Happy Easter to you! Thinking of my dear Zoom pals today. ❤️

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