Tuesday May 21, 2013. Day 7

Penticton to Kelowna

We stopped at the Bike Barn in Penticton, first thing, so that Lois could dispense with her clipless pedals. She found that they were not working for her on narrow, uneven shoulders with heavy traffic. Her bike is now sporting a new pair of standard pedals and she can use her same shoes with the cleats removed. The new pedals are working well.

Until Peachland, it was a pleasant ride along the lake, despite some rain and distant thunder. After tea on the waterfront at Rocky J’s Beach Hut, and some respite from the rain, we began a slow long climb up to Westbank. The constant traffic was intimidating with the narrow shoulders, and the rain continued. In West Kelowna we went off on side roads to get away from the highway traffic and were helped by a local cyclist, who also told us how to get onto cycle routes across the bridge in Kelowna. After checking in to our hotel, we were picked up by old friend Percy-Ann and her husband, and spent a wonderful evening together in a great local restaurant, The Yellow House.

We passed through the territory of the Westbank First Nation and again stayed in the territory of the Okanagan First Nations.

One thought on “Tuesday May 21, 2013. Day 7”

  1. Good on you both! Rain, long up hills and narrow shoulders are not fun. But you have already made it to Kelowna on your own wheels. Rod and I will toast you as you head for bigger hills and we sit on the cruise ship to Alaska! Keep pedalin’. Loves I & R

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