Wednesday May 22, 2013. Day 8

Kelowna to Vernon

We started out with all of our rain gear on today and kept it on for the entire ride, as the rain did not let up and  it seemed to get colder in the afternoon. We followed a relatively cycle-friendly route to Winfield. After that it was the 97 which is now our least favourite thoroughfare. The traffic was heavy and the shoulders narrow. Close to Vernon, Lois suggested a side route which appeared to be an old highway running along the lake. This was much quieter, with very little traffic and better views of the lake. When that route eventually led back to the 97, we discovered a bike path beside the highway which  took us the rest of the way into the city  and we arrived in better humour. We had a delightful dinner and visit with the Cooke family. Paul  was honoured to be chosen as the favoured story reader and Lois was invited to a game of “hockey” with 3 year-old Daniel.

We are still journeying through the Okanagan First Nations territory.

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