Monday May 27, 2013. Day 12

Clearwater to Blue River

What’s with this weather? A temperature of 7 degrees again this morning. Everyone keeps talking about the heat wave we missed a couple of weeks ago. We did see the sun briefly this morning (and optimistically applied sunscreen), but then it showered and showered some more and for the last 20 kilometres it poured. We continued to follow the North Thompson river and CN railway (and the Kinder Morgan pipeline). We stopped at the Raft River and read about the history of the Simpcu People (part of the Shuswap Nation) and their relationship to salmon and the Raft River. The Simpcu are still using traditional sustainable practices in harvesting salmon.
From a tip from the cyclist we met Saturday, we stopped at the Log Inn Pub in Avola, which boasts “Worlds Famous Burgers”. We did the try the veggie burger and it was pretty good.
The road was fairly flat until 18kms past Avola, when there was a steep climb up to Messiter Summit (765 metres). From there to Blue River it was mostly downhill (which was just as well, as this is when it was pouring!) As we approached Blue River we got our first glimpses of the snow-covered Rockies.
We checked in to the Blue River Motel – another gem found through Trip Advisor that we would never have known about from the highway.

Wildlife sightings today: two bears and two moose.

We remain on the traditional territory of the Shuswap Nation


4 thoughts on “Monday May 27, 2013. Day 12”

  1. If it makes you feel any better it has been raining here in Kelowna since you left! I am enjoying your adventure via the blog. It is good to know others also train by doing.

  2. We’ve just completed the British coast-to-coast route but, as this country is somewhat narrower than Canada, we managed it over a 3-day holiday weekend rather than 3 months! Whilst we saw a few interesting birds, alas, there were no bears! This counts as our first training of significant distance in advance of joining you for a couple of weeks in August. Congratulations on progress so far – keep on enjoying the journey.

  3. Enjoying reading about your adventures! So cute to see Jade’s new bike. She will surely enjoy trekking with you.

  4. You are doing really well and still smiling! Glad to hear you have found German bakeries and cinnamon buns again. Keep up the good work, I’m enjoying reading the blog – it makes me feel tired to read it. x

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