Tuesday May 28, 2013. Day 13

Blue River to Valemount

We passed the first 1000km mark on our cross-Canada tour today, just before Valemount!
The ride was good – we’re hoping that the nice wide shoulders of the Southern Yellowhead (#5) continue on the Yellowhead, which we join tomorrow at Tete Jaune Cache and will be on throughout Saskatchewan and into Manitoba. Showers threatened all day and the temperature rose – we finally discarded our rain gear, deciding it was preferable to be rained on to sweating under so many layers. The sun actually came out towards the end and the showers didn’t really happen. South of Valemount we left the North Thompson river, which has its source in the Thompson Glacier, west of Valemount. Apart from a very stiff hill coming into Valemount, it was a pleasant day.

Wildlife sightings: One moose and one fox

We remain in the traditional territory of the Shuswap Nation

One thought on “Tuesday May 28, 2013. Day 13”

  1. Wow…….the 1000 km mark!!! Amazing!!! I would like to say that it is all downhill to Jasper…….but that would be a lie!!! Good luck tomorrow!! See you in two days. Love Lorraine

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