Thursday June 27, 2013. Day 29

Russell to Shoal Lake

Suddenly, we have come into summer on this trip – warm, sunny days with a cooling breeze (from the right direction). But, just as we were beginning to sing “Sum-mer time and the (riding) is easy…”, the road conditions deteriorated and the hard shoulder disappeared! For  the last 50 kms, we had to cycle on the 2-lane Yellowhead, dropping down onto the soft shoulder for traffic, which included many large semis. The shoulder was covered in thick gravel, making it very difficult to ride on or maintain balance.  After we arrived in Shoal Lake, we learned that there is likely to be little hard shoulder on the Yellowhead from now on.  The only alternative is to take a route south to join the TransCanada a bit earlier than we would have done. After consulting with the proprietor of the motel and listening to advice offered by a local resident in the restaurant, we will be heading straight south tomorrow to join Highway 1 after about 80 kms and will head for Brandon. We are not confident that Highway 1 has continuous hard shoulders, as reports are inconsistent on the status of Manitoba’s efforts to upgrade its highways, but at least it will be a divided highway.

We remain on the traditional territory of the Treaty 2 First Nations.

6 thoughts on “Thursday June 27, 2013. Day 29”

  1. When in Brandon, just remember that it is my birthplace and I’ve never seen it!! (my Dad was posted in Shilo at the time and he was posted to northern Vancouver Island 3 months after I was born). So if you see the hospital, take a picture!

    Safe journey.

    1. Sorry, Susan, we stayed out on the highway a long way from the hospital. We did ask the taxi driver where it was in relation to the restaurant we went to, but it was still not close. We liked your story, though. 🙂

  2. Wow, are you guys making tracks! I have just returned from 7 days of kayaking in Desolation Sound and here you are in Manitoba. It really is amazing how little bikes and kayaks carry all our gear and us, and with a bit of effort we end up miles away. We are still waiting for summer to fill in here. It has been a week with rain showers and even a gale on the coast. Wind is so hard when it is against you either on bike or in boat. Love reading your blog and traveling with you in spirit. Loves, Isy

  3. Catching up on several days that I missed. Enjoying your travels. Thank you for posting regularly.
    All is well in So Cal. Hope to see you in September.

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