Friday June 28, 2013. Day 30

Shoal Lake to Brandon

Highway 21 South was a good choice. There was very little traffic and even a hard shoulder for a good part of it. With a tailwind, the cycling was easy and the skies were blue. At Hamiota,  we stopped and made espressos beside the cemetery. We passed through the Sioux Valley Dakota community and crossed the Assiniboine River, before turning on to Highway 1.

The last 40 kms were less pleasant. The traffic on #1 was heavy and an assault on the senses after the peace of the 21. While there was a hard shoulder all the way to Brandon, it was not in a condition one might expect from the national highway. But, it was the wind that got to us again. The north wind that had helped us speed along earlier, was now battering us from the side and, when the highway turned north-east, it was partially a headwind.

To end the day we discovered a great restaurant, Lady on the Lake, where we had Manitoba pickerel, Saskatoon berry pie and Saskatoon berry cheesecake, and listened to a live Rhythm & Blues band. Oh yes, and it was margarita night!  When we got back, we received a video from Jade and Rhys, sending kisses.  Who cares about wind?

Wildlife Notes: Pocket Gophers

We are now in the traditional territory of the Treaty 2 First Nations. The Dakota Nations of South Western Manitoba are not signatory to any of the numbered Treaties.

"At the 100th Meridian where the Great Plains begin" (or end)
“At the 100th Meridian where the Great Plains begin” (or end)


4 thoughts on “Friday June 28, 2013. Day 30”

  1. Hi, it seems you have lost a few days! as I think friday was the 28th! anyway you both are amazing and appears you are enjoying your adventure. we have not had summer yet in Kelowna but the report says by tues it will be 40c. Hugs P.A.

    1. We have trouble remembering what day it is, out on the road! Hope summer arrives in Kelowna, too. x

  2. Wow…….two desserts and margaritas!! You two must be on some kind of great exercise regime!!
    You have a huge following, and we love your daily journal entries!!! I log on first thing every morning!! Take good care of yourselves!!! xoxoxo

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