Wednesday July 10, 2013. Day 40

Upsala to Shabaqua Corners

The Black Spruce Motel, just outside Upsala, was yet another breakfast haven and the vegetarian Denver sandwich that we took away for lunch was delicious. The server said that she often gets asked what time it is, and she responds with “that depends on which direction you are travelling” to the surprise of the requester! Although we officially crossed into EST a few kms on, Upsala decided to adopt Eastern time as it does most of it’s business with Thunder Bay. The owner, who works 18 hour days April to October and spends his winters in the south and back here ice-fishing, told us that a man in his 90’s was cycling through last year from Vancouver to London, Ont. He was hospitalized for dehydration in Winnipeg, but carried on after, only permitted by the doctors if he had someone to ride with.

We continued on a very narrow shoulder and dodged trucks again. Canoeing, as per before the highway, would have been safer,  but not as quick. It became hillier and we crossed the Arctic Ocean/ Atlantic Ocean height of land, although at only  504 metres. With a tailwind, we were flying. Having cycled against the wind so much on this tour, we  forget how beautifully these bikes ride in good conditions!

It was a short day and later we were sitting outside our “cabin” at Oskondaga River Outfitters, having tea in the sunshine. At supper we met fellow cyclists, Paul and Joe. Paul is from Manchester and Joe from Kingston. They both started from Victoria but have been travelling together since Alberta. We swopped many stories and experiences over a great meal which included pickerel caught by the owners’ grandson. Paul had hit a pothole in Manitoba and bent his front forks as well as suffering bruises. He had to get a lift into Portage and then took the bus to Winnipeg to get his bike fixed. Scary as well as good stories were shared.
We are now on the traditional territory of the First Nations of the Robinson Superior Treaty of 1850.

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  1. Tomorrow is your birthday. Hope you post lots of photos and take a bit of time to celebrate. Happy Birthday on Thursday

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