Tuesday July 9, 2013. Day 39

Ignace to Upsala

The Tower Hill Truck Stop in Ignace was a good place for breakfast, except for the coffee.

“Espressos are few and far between on Highway 17” Lois Leslie 2013

Today was an easier day – fewer hills, a constant tailwind and cooler weather – but the terrain was less interesting. The land is characterized by fishing (lakes and lodges) and lumber (evidence of old and newer logging). The narrow shoulder, which requires us to ride very close to, or on the 2-laned highway, was mostly ok, as the trucks generally move over for us. We had to dive into the soft shoulder a couple of times for wide loads or when trucks were passing in both directions. After a couple of instances where oncoming traffic crossed into our lane to pass right beside us, Paul put on his bright flashing headlight, which may have worked as it didn’t happen again. We hope that the wide shoulder reappears after Thunder Bay.

We stopped at a picnic site at Lodge Lake to make espresso and have an early lunch. That turned out to be the only place to stop during the entire ride. We met a cyclist, Barry, coming from Toronto on his way to Vancouver. He was a bit disconcerted when we told him there was nowhere to buy lunch for 60 kms! We offered him some food and he accepted a banana. About 30kms before Upsala, a severe thunderstorm warning flashed across the Garmin. Fortunately, the rain began only as we arrived and we were able to take refuge in the Shell station cafe where we discovered they make good homemade bread and butter tarts. Tanya and Jocelyn turned up,  a little damp and joined us.

Wayside Notes: examples of detritus up to now: multiple rubber straps and bungee cords, assorted nuts and bolts, a wallet, keys, a Blackberry, wrench, fly swatter, two toy fishing nets, and the remains of numerous tires and constituent wire, which caused at least two of our flat tires.

Wildlife Notes: American Bald Eagle close by the road (and one yesterday), no moose.

We remain on the traditional territory of the Treaty 3 First Nations and Ojibway Peoples. The Lac des Mille Lacs First Nation is situated close to Upsala.

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    1. Unfortunately it had suffered from lying on the roadside and could not be revived.
      I didn’t report that my iPhone was temporarily incapacitated from the North Battleford thunderstorm. I got a replacement in Saskatoon and now do have a spare!

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