Thursday August 1, 2013. Day 59

Port Perry to Peterborough

Today, we spent a lot of time and effort avoiding busy highways with diminutive shoulders. The alternative was peaceful countryside, but many steep hills. On one particularly steep hill, Paul walked back to provide moral support to Lois (not an unusual occurrence) to find her with her biked parked beside the highway, picking wild raspberries! When we eventually returned to Highway 7A, it was OK and, apart from the absence of hard ice cream, the Garmin led us successfully into Peterborough across the Severn Trent Waterway to our hotel. We have a room overlooking a creek flowing into the Otonabee River. Our meal at the Electric City Gardens was delightful.

Wildlife Notes: Snapping Turtle crossing the road.

We are still on the traditional territory of the First Nations of the Upper Canada Treaties Area 1. The closest communities to Peterborough are the Curve Lake and Hiawatha First Nations.

“There is a town in north Ontario…”

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