Friday August 2, 2013. Day 60

Peterborough to Marmora

After all the hills yesterday, we decided to go back onto Highway 7 (this route is also designated as the TransCanada for central Ontario). In fact, it was fine (or maybe we’re just getting more used to negotiating narrow shoulders). The traffic  wasn’t too bad and the wind was behind us. Maritia sent us a text while we were taking a break in Havelock, to say that it was raining in Vancouver for the first time in a month. We called and had a video chat with all of the family as they were on their way to work/ day care.

We are staying in Marmora. The name comes from the Latin for marble, relating to a large rock in nearby Crowe Lake. After 1820, the township was important for iron ore mining. The Marmora Inn is a beautiful Victorian house filled with antiques and a great deal of art. In the dining room alone, were several signed Slvador Dali lithographs and a painting by Canadian William Ronald, among others. The Inn has a reputation for good food, and we were not disappointed. The owner, Rui Pereira, who is also the chef, served up interesting salads and mouth -watering plates of sea bass – grilled filets with plum chutney/whole charred fish with capers – followed by chocolate mousse and creme brûlée. We are already looking forward to breakfast!

We remain on the traditional territory of the First Nations of the Upper Canada Treaties Area 1.


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