Tuesday August 13, 2013. Day 68

Portneuf to Quebec City

Guest posting #3 from Team Twite: “We’ve had some wet weather, but it’s not yet rained for a whole day” – Paul Gully, 13th August 2013, over continental breakfast at the Motel Sous les Charmilles, near Cap Santé.

“But there’s one thing I know; The blues they sent to meet me won’t defeat me; It won’t be long ’til happiness steps up to greet me” – Hal David, from the lyrics to Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head.

Whilst the rain didn’t quite last all day, it tried to, persisting heavily from before we woke up this morning until we stopped for lunch on the edge of Quebec City. Thankfully this was due to be the shortest day, in terms of distance, of our 2-week stay and one of the shortest days of the whole cross-Canada trip for Lois and Paul. Progress was slow due to a steady headwind in addition to the rain, but we were refreshed and warmed by coffee and cake at the friendly Café Bistro De La Place in Cap Santé and then, later, by soup and tea at lunchtime. Our journey was lengthened somewhat by detours around various road construction sites on the edges of Quebec City but we eventually made it, wet and a little cold, to our hotel in the old city for a well-needed mid-afternoon hot bath. We’re now looking forward to a day off to enjoy the sights of the city (hopefully in the sunshine!) and to wash some clothes.

Church of the day: L’eglise Saint-François-de-Sales de Neuville – constructed in 1864 around the heart of the first church dating from 1696.

There is a community of Wandat First Nations (Wendake), within the boundaries of Quebec City. Until the mid      17th C, their ancestors occupied a vast territory covering parts of the US, Ontario and Quebec.

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