Wednesday August 21, 2013. Day 75

Woodstock to Fredericton

After a hearty breakfast at our B&B, we headed for the Sweet Spot Bake Shop for sandwiches and goodies for the road. The proprietor gave us advice about the alternative route out of Woodstock, the old Highway (#165), which we planned to take. It was strange, as the road was as good as some sections of the current TCH in other provinces and had a wide hard shoulder, but there was hardly any traffic! Just before we thought we had to go back onto the new highway (TCH #2), we were told by some fellows at the Irving gas station in Meductic that this was unnecessary as there is a connection for cyclists now via the  “old old” highway”, which would take us all the way to Fredericton. So, we turned off at Richie, as directed, past a sign saying “Cul-de-Sac”. The road gradually got narrower and more shaded and looked more like an archaeological relic. After a while, the road ended and we walked our bikes for a short while to find, as we had been told, a small suspension bridge for pedestrians and cyclists over the Shogomoc River. The old road had disappeared under the water to reappear on the other side of the bridge. This was a delightful find and we stopped and made espresso under the trees. On the other shore,  we met an older couple with their grandchildren whom they are telling about this old (old) highway they used to take to Fredericton. Back on the old highway (now 102), we made good progress, although it was becoming really hot. We stopped to talk to another local cyclist later, who told us there were some “killer” hills ahead and the shoulder disappears closer to Fredericton. He suggested we continue on the #2. If a fellow bicyclist talks about “killer” inclines, we take this seriously! We made our way back on to the #2, which still had long hills, but not of a “killer” variety. It was very hot, though – the temperature on the Garmin read 35C – and we guzzled water. We were relieved to arrive in Fredericton and the a/c of our hotel.

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