Thursday August 22, 2013. Day Off

Fredericton is a low key Provincial capital. South of the river is the government and university part of the city and, with seemingly few students and no sitting legislature, it is pretty quiet. There are a few tourists, some of whom were watching the changing of the guard ceremony in Officer’s Square this morning. We, on the other hand, did laundry and had espresso and latte before lunch. Afterwards, we visited the Beaverbrook Art Gallery opposite the Legislature Building. The exhibits were underwhelming except for a wonderful Alex Colville painting and a number of Christopher Pratt pictures.

It was very hot and humid, but the weather broke while we were eating dinner in The Palate and we got very wet running back to the hotel. We hope that everything dries before we venture out tomorrow, only to be rained on again, if the forecast is correct!

Embarkation: Alex Colville 1994
Embarkation: Alex Colville 1994

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