Thursday August 29, 2013. Day 81

Pictou to New Glasgow

We knew that the forecast was not good as we headed south across the Pictou Causeway. Although the wind was behind us and it was not yet raining when we joined the TCH, we got an idea of the headwinds to come when we would turn east. Stopping for coffee in New Glasgow, we reassessed our plans and decided to stop for the day. The outlook was still for rain with an easterly wind of 25 km/hr, gusting to 38. Tomorrow looks somewhat better (still rain, but north winds) and we will not have so far to go to Antigonish. We were intending to stay there for two nights visiting friends, so unfortunately that will be curtailed. It has rained continuously since we stopped and a heavy rainfall warning is in effect for Antigonish, so it was a good decision. Fortunately, we found a B&B single suite above a bistro, so we don’t need to venture out very far for dinner!

We remain on the traditional territory of the Mi’kmaq People.

Pictou, pulp mill

One thought on “Thursday August 29, 2013. Day 81”

  1. Good morning, I hope your wind and rain has stopped. We have had 2 days with lots of showers after what has seemed like an endless summer. The sun is back today but the change of season is here. You have almost run out of road across Canada. What a feat! When you are ending your trip, 6 of us gals will be biking 200+km of the Kettle Valley. We plan to take a week, doing less than 50 km a day with stops to swim in the lakes and sip wine when we hit Naramata. Congratulations on your coast to coast ride!!!
    Loves and hugs, Isy

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