Friday August 30, 2013. Day 82

New Glasgow to Antigonish

It poured with rain overnight and was cloudy when we left the B&B. The forecast was still for strong blustery winds, but now from the north. After espresso and a latte at the Baked Goods Cafe, we took the #4 for a few peaceful kilometres before joining the TCH. It started to rain and this continued for the rest of the day. As we climbed, it grew mistier. There were strong gusts, but, fortunately,  the wind was either from the side or at our backs, although it occasionally felt as though our bikes would slide out from under us. The road was busy and the hard shoulder disappeared each time there were two lanes in our direction, on the hills, which were frequent. This was not a pleasant ride! But, today we met Ivan #2. He is from Gatineau and had ridden from there  to St John’s five times. This year, he had taken the train to Vancouver, cycled to St John’s, and was on his way back to Gatineau!

We descended into Antigonish seeking shelter in the Tall and Small Cafe. John met and transported us to his and Alison’s home above Lochaber Lake,  south of the town. (Yes, all our friends are named John!) We were greeted by wonderful hospitality and conversation ranging from history to politics as well as chickens and local porcupines. It cleared during the night and the stars were spectacular.

We are on the traditional territory of the Mi’kmaq People, specifically the Esgigeoag District

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