Saturday August 2, 2014. Day 26

Olema to San Francisco (63km) (and Lois’ birthday surprise)

We began to see road cyclists soon after we left Olema. Many were participating in the Marin Century ride; 2500 cyclists going from 50 to 200 miles. By the time we got to Fairfax and the edge of the Bay conurbation, riders seemed to be outnumbering cars, which gave us an unusual sense of comfort. As we approached Sausalito, a different category of cyclist appeared – literally hundreds of  rental bikes doing the circuit from San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge and back on the ferry.

We were both excited to cycle on the Golden Gate Bridge, a much less stressful experience than other bridge crossings due to the presence of a dedicated bike path. The multitudes of cyclists crossing in both directions, together with the howling wind, added to the excitement. Two days earlier, we had met a couple from San Francisco, Michael and Diane, who were doing a short circuit, and we were surprised to meet them again on the bridge!

But, the biggest surprise was still to come! Just as we were descending on a bike path to the bay, who should ride up behind us but Maritia!! Paul knew that she was going to surprise Lois here, but we had no idea that she would be renting a bike and looking for us! Once Lois convinced herself she was not, in fact, dreaming, it was all she could do to stay on her bike! We still can’t believe Maritia was able to pull this off! Lois didn’t stop grinning for the next 2 days!

We are on the traditional territory of the Ohlone People.

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