Friday August 8, 2014. Planning Day!

Our plans changed today. For the past few weeks, we have  been trying, without success, to book accommodation south of Monterey.  From here to San Luis Obispal, there are few hotels/ motels or B&Bs and what do exist, are booked up months in advance. We decided to temporarily retreat to the four-wheeled means of transport and drive 500km to Santa Barbara.

After planning over coffee, we leisurely explored Fisherman’s Wharf, Cannery Row, and the fascinating exhibition (mostly Jules Tavernier) at the Monterey Art Gallery. Watching the sun set while sampling Sand Dabs (small local flounder) on the municipal wharf rounded out the day.

Wildlife note: Heermann’s Gull

San Carlos Beach.
San Carlos Beach.
Monterey Museum of Art.
Monterey Museum of Art.

2 thoughts on “Friday August 8, 2014. Planning Day!”

  1. I know understand the email about Marius’ treasure hunt! Hope the treasure was worth it? What a clever idea, also Maritia is good at surprising her mother with a little help from her friends/family, was the last time Dad’s 90th or is it a more regular occurrence?
    Glad it is going well, have you left the bikes in Monterey or are they in the car in order to resume cycling when you can? Do you think you may come to appreciate 4 wheels as a method of transport?

    Love Liz

    1. Liz,
      Marius has done well this time!
      We brought our bikes here and have decided to stay until Friday, sightseeing and cycling around Santa Barbara. We will then head back to Vancouver.
      Hopefully we can finish the trip in the spring or winter-time when it is not as busy on the roads and bike paths, and accommodation is available.

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