March 13, 2017. Day 1

Lisbon to Torres Vedras – 57 km

We had been approached by a reporter from SIC, a national TV company, to do a feature on our trip (organized by Dr. Ferreira). We arranged to meet Sofia and her cameraman in the Praça do Marquês de Pombal. This plaza celebrates the politician who led the reconstruction of the city after the devastating earthquake of 1755.

With the help of Google Maps and new bike paths, we managed to navigate our way out of Lisbon without difficulty, mercifully avoiding the impossibly steep hills we had been traversing by foot all weekend.

The TV crew filmed us leaving the city and then regularly along the way. They would pass us and wait for action shots by the side of the road. When we stopped for coffee and lunch, they joined us and we had engaging conversations not only about the trip and Parkinson’s Disease (PD), but also about Portugal. After interviewing us us in a park in Loures, we headed off again and they left us soon after. We are looking forwarding to seeing the story.

The weather was sunny and warm, but a brisk north headwind and some very long hills made it a tiring first day ride. Arriving at CNS (situated at the top of a steep and winding road), we were made very welcome by Dr. Joachim Ferreira and accommodated in one of the very spacious apartments used for short-term patients and visitors.

Joachim and his wife, Natalie, were gracious hosts, treating us to a lovely meal in their home. Our conversation was wide ranging and gave us some insight into the history, language and economic situation of the country. We also discussed PD, of course. We look forward to learning more about the CNS tomorrow morning.

Facts: In May 2016 Portugal went for four days using only sustainable energy sources

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    1. It was obvious which one of us had had media training! Still waiting to see a clip, if indeed they run it!

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