March 16, 2017. Day off – Santarem

On recommendations from our trusty Lonely Planet guide, we visited the Convento de S. Francisco and the calm of it’s cloisters, the Mercado Municipal, the Jardín Portas do Sol with fine views of the Tejo, the Iglesia de Nossa Senhora da Marvila with walls covered in tiles (azulejos), and the Igelsia de Nossa Senhora da Graça with it’s gothic arches. The “discoverer” of Brazil, Pedro Álvares Cabral, is buried here.

Convento de S. Francisco
Mercado Municipal
Portas do Sol
Iglesia de N. Sr. de Marvila
Iglesia de N. Sr. da Graça

Many of the traditional dishes in Portugal include fish, particularly cod (bacalhau). Lunch today at the Taberna Sebastião was breaded fried shad and açorda de alto – a thick bread stew, which today included fish eggs. One of our favourite dishes so far has been cod cakes and of course, the pasteis. We also discovered a regional cake, Pamilhos, which we experienced today in gelato!

Parkinson’s note for today: Our story was aired on Portuguese TV!

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  1. I watched your news story clip. Captivating and impeccable!! So proud…… impressed!! You two are simply amazing!!!

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