March 26, 2017. Day 10

Celericos da Beira to São Miguel da Guarda 24km

Voyages, voyagers – so many different types! So many nationalities in the world! Many professions! Many people! So many different purposes you can give to life, In this life that, after all, deep down, is always, always the same! So many curious faces! All faces are curious And nothing stirs piety in us as does looking at people. Brotherhood is not, ultimately, a revolutionary idea. It’s something we learn through life, where we have to tolerate everything, And we find grace in what we have to tolerate, Until we nearly weep with tenderness for what we once only tolerated!                         Fernando Pessoa

Soon after leaving the cobbled streets and fortress of Celorico, we started an epic climb on the IP3. It was 6km of 8-10% grades. The scenery was spectacular and we happened upon a shepherd with his mountain dog, puppy and sheep beside the highway. But the winds were against us and it started to rain steadily and heavily near the top. By the time we got to São Miguel da Garda we were getting wet and cold, and with 40km still to go, we decided to call it a day.

Neither of us has much familiarity with Portuguese literature, apart from the (translated) works of José Saramago, whom we both love. One of our favourite Saramago novels was The History of the Siege of Lisbon.  A couple of other books, not by Portuguese authors, but Portugal-related that we have been recalling during our ride through the country include Yann Martel’s The High Mountains of Portugal, and Night Train to Lisbon by Swiss author  Pascal Mercier.

3 thoughts on “March 26, 2017. Day 10”

  1. Enjoying your posts! Thank you for sharing your amazing journey! Lots of love and prayers. Xo

    1. Thanks for your continued support, Mo! And thank you again for kicking off the donations to Parkinson’s with an incredibly generous donation! xox

  2. Dear Lois and Paul,
    I have finally caught up with you and have just read all your posts to date.
    What a brilliant adventure…I shall be with you in spirit all the way.
    With life dominated by Civic events and chain banging with all the other Mayors and Chairs, my life is so different from yours at the moment.
    However, I finish in may and plan to start travelling again.
    Paul, at long last we are about to set up a health link in OWL and w`Warwick Hospital executive is taking the lead on it…very excited at the prospects.

    Much love to you both..keep well!

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