May 6, 2017. Day 35


Frejus to Cannes – 43km

(D1098, D6098)

As the forecast was for heavy rain in the morning, easing off in the afternoon, we had planned to look around Frejus while waiting for the storm to pass. Sunshine was expected for Sunday and we wanted to enjoy it on the beach in Cannes. When it hadn’t begun raining by 9:00, we decided to head out. Although the rain held off for the first hour or so, the winds were strong and gusty from the east. At one point, Lois’ bike came to a complete stop! When the rain did arrive, it was hard and heavy and accompanied by thunder and lightning. With nowhere to shelter on the highway, we carried on until we found a roadside cafe with a covered patio. With the rain splashing in beside us, we tried to warm up with multiple cups of hot chocolate, cheese omelettes and fries.

It is in the nature of cycle touring, especially alongside a coastline as dramatic as the Côté d’Azur, that hills, heavy rain and thunderstorms were  quickly forgotten as we rode beneath the dominating red cliffs of the Massif de l’Esterel, rolling down to small pebbly beaches that today were pounded by surf. It was still spotting with rain as we pedalled along the seashore into Cannes, but by early evening the Promenade de la Croisette was bathed in sunlight.

The sea (video)

The wind (video)

The Thunderstorm (video)

The rain (video)





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  1. Kudos to both of you!!! I have noticed in your videos that no matter how inclement the conditions, Paul always has a smile on his face!! 🙂

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