May 9, 2017. Day 37

Nice to Sanremo – 47km

(M6007, M2564, D6007, D6327, SS1, bike path)

Italia!  Country #4!

This evening we were called “strange” grandparents by our waitress at the La Porta Verde, which she corrected to “unusual”, as she intended it as a compliment.  Anyone who saw us pushing our bikes for two hours up narrow roads out of Nice onto the Grand Corniche may have agreed with the “strange” description! The elevation picture above tells all. The views that we eventually got looking down at the Mediterranean, however, were breathtaking. In Turbie, where we stopped for lunch, we saw the Trophy of Augustus,  which dates from 6BC. Later, as we came back down towards the sea, we got great views of Monaco, just below.

We were anticipating an easier afternoon, but instead had to contend with four scary tunnels, the longest of which was over 800m. Our prize at the end of the day was cycling on the Parc Costiero del Ponente, a marvellous old rail line bikeway into Sanremo. It also has a very long tunnel but was much quieter, with only cyclists and pedestrians.

As we were leaving the restaurant this evening, our server gave us a small plastic octopus and asked us to take a photo of it when we get to Auckland. We have nicknamed the octopus “Sanremo”.

Much less scary tunnel! (video)

Italy Actual Route

Lisbon to Auckland Actual Route

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