May 21, 2017. Vancouver

We are back in Vancouver after a safe and uneventful flight. Paul reluctantly agreed to wheelchair assistance between gates at Frankfurt!The ER physician who looked after us in Italy texted this morning to see how we are – impressive aftercare!

Although still experiencing some shoulder pain and general discomfort, Paul is ambulatory and regaining his energy. He will be seeing his GP on Tuesday to get further medical advice and assistance. While recuperating, we will be planning our next steps which will be dependent on recovering and possible surgical intervention.

An upside to this unexpected turn of events is an earlier than expected reunion with Maritia, Steve , Jade, Rhys and Emme on this sunny long weekend in beautiful Vancouver.

We will blog again when our plans are firmer. In the meantime, thank you to everyone for your thoughts and best wishes. This means a lot to us and to our family.

Paul and Lois


5 thoughts on “May 21, 2017. Vancouver”

  1. Dear Paul & Lois,

    As already indicated in the email I sent, we find it very sad that your great ambition was ruined by the accident in Italy.
    In the end, despite all injuries, it all could have been worse and we are happy to read that Paul is on the way up again.
    We admire your energy and your ability to look forward and already start thinking about new adventures.
    All we can say now is that we hope Paul will fully recover physically, that you can overcome the psychological effects of the collision and that a new adventure may rise on the horizon.
    For now however, please take your time to recover, enjoy spring and have a great time (with your family) back home in Canada!

    All the best, Robin, Janine, Yvar (& Meike)

  2. Dear Paul and Lois,
    I had been following you more or less since Lisbon, but hadn’t looked in for a couple of weeks or more. I was very shocked to discover what had happened and relieved to see that Paul, despite having been through a horrible traumatic crash, was grinning from his hospital bed.
    I wish him a full recovery and hope that your enthusiasm for adventure has not been diminished.
    Best wishes

    Peter Clark (Old school friend from Somerset)

  3. Hi, Paul,

    Hi, Paul, While doing some recent travelling (not by bike), I was unaware of your accident, but relieved that you are on the mend. Having met a car or two, albeit not quite as severe as your encounter (just a few broken ribs for me), I think I can relate to your feelings. Before the pain hit, I was pretty pissed off to be hit by a car. Regardless, I trust the surgery will go or went well.- Your courage continues to impress. Best Wishes and God speed!

  4. Hello Paul and Lois
    I can only repeat what other friends have said. Take your time recovering physically and emotionally. A Vancouver springtime is not a bad place to be to heal. With friends and family nearby. Your bicycle trail will still be there waiting for you when you are both ready to ride again.

  5. Dear Paul & Lois,
    Now it is a month ago since Paul had the accident and we hope he is getting better? He was lucky after all.
    We hope you can continue your trip some days!
    Love Lene &Freddy.

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