October 18, 2017. Day 48 & October 19 & 20

Naples to Praiano 70 km (train & bus) & 7748 Fit Bit Steps

2 days –  29513 Fit Bit steps

Our first espresso of the day was taken standing at the bar of Leopardo’s, Italian style. A regional train took us past Herculaneum and Pompeii to the city of Sorrento, perched on the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast. From here we boarded a crowded bus that runs along the 80km coastal highway between Sorrento and the port of Salerno. Originally a Roman road, the Amalfi Way, barely wide enough for two cars to pass, is carved out of the side of the cliffs, giving spectacular views of the sea on one side and the towering cliffs on the other.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997, as “an outstanding example of a Mediterranean landscape”, this stretch of rugged coastline on the southern coast of the Salerno Gulf on the Tyrrhenian Sea, is breathtaking, with its sheer cliffs falling straight to the sea, whitewashed vertical villages and terraces of lemon trees and olive groves.

Our hotel was half way along the coast in Praiano, a pretty cliffside village that has retained its atmosphere as a quiet fishing town, despite the draw of tourists. From the terrace of our hotel room, we had panoramic views of the coast and the sea. With temperatures still in the mid-20’s it was a relaxing few days, reading, exploring hiking trails, small pebbled coves and cliff-edged restaurants.

To reach the “Walk of the Gods” we had to climb up 1500 stairs to the Chiesa Convento S. Maria and then ascend a rough track for another 30 minutes. One writer says that the name of the trail is not Italian hyperbole. Indeed, the views were stunning, although the path was precipitous and vertiginous. The Li Galli Islands off the coast of Positano are said to have been the home of the Sirens who seduced sailors with their voices. According to Homer, Odysseus protected himself and his crew by filling their ears with beeswax.

Parkinson’s Disease note: Exercise, not drugs, focus of new centre in Victoria 

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  1. Finally getting caught up on the blog. Amazing trip! Thank you for sharing. Went to Vancouver and Victoria October 10-16 – missed you! Be safe. Xoxox

  2. This looks stunningly BEAUTIFUL! May need to go there some day:-). We get our puppy November 27 so we will be home for a while training her. Will email some pictures once we know which one of the 10 pups we will be lucky enough to get. They are all adorable!

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