May 21, 2018 – Day 86

Hanam-eup to Yangsan (43km)

Our breakfasts have consisted generally of yoghurt, purchased the night before from a mini-mart, instant Quaker Oats and Dorset Meusli, (that we happened to find in Gumi after finally depleting the Terra Breads Granola). As no espresso stops showed up on the route map today, we made espressos with our travelling Wacaco Minipress, a prized gift from our children.

Today’s ride was short and peasant, despite a bit of a headwind. The temperature was perfect. The path stayed close to the river, passing small villages with some traditional style houses, fields of barley and many greenhouses. We were again impressed with the cycling infrastructure, with long sections built out over the water. At one point along one of these sections, we noticed a sign referring to part of an ancient stone roadway still visible on the edge of the cliff. We think it was from the Josean Dynasty, but the Google translation of the sign did not appear reliable. As usual, passing cyclists almost invariably bowed and said hello (kyeseyo) and occasionally yelled out “hwaiting” an encouragement, which is apparently a Konglish misuse of the English word “fighting”. We responded appropriately.
Entering Yangsan, we discovered Blackup Coffee, where we enjoyed a second cup of good espresso (8.0/10). A local soft tofu restaurant near the hotel served us sizzling hot pots of tofu and vegetables, accompanied by rice and side dishes of kimchi and other local vegetables. The chef came out and smiled and thanked us for enjoying what she had prepared for us!
Tomorrow, we will arrive in Busan, the end of the cycle through Korea.

Video: Gimhae Nakdonggang Rail Park. Interesting use of the old bridge!

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