Sunday April 16, 2023

Gûines to Licques 15.36kms

After a huge breakfast at our BnB of local cheeses, fresh bread, pastries, thick yoghurt, juice, fresh fruit and good espresso, we packed leftovers for lunch and set off along GR 145/VF for Licques, soon entering the Forêt Domaniale de Guînes, where we passed the monument commemorating the first crossing of the Channel by balloon in 1785 by Jean-Pierre Blanchard and John Jeffries. We wandered through more forest with swaths of wild flowers and then followed tracks across rolling farmland, wheat fields and pastureland. As we approached Licques, we noticed a savoury sweet scent of fresh leeks arising from a crop ready for spring harvest. Licques is famed for its poultry production and its Fête des Dindes (Festival of the turkey), which traditionally heralded the start of the Christmas season.

For other travellers to note, there were no shops or restaurants open at all on Sunday. Fortunately, we still had brioche and cheese from our generous breakfast, which, together with local pear juice (for sale in our gîte, l’ombre de prunier – we highly recommend it) and tea were the evening’s meal.

While Lois felt well throughout the walk, by the time we reached the gîte, she was very tired and soon developed another fever. We have decided we need to take a longer break to allow her to properly recover, so we will go to Arras to rest for as long as necessary. We will be blogging again in due course.


8 thoughts on “Sunday April 16, 2023”

  1. So sorry it was 2 steps forward and one back!
    I’m sure you’re making the right decision to make Lois is completely better before continuing, very disappointing but hopefully you find somewhere relaxing to stay in Arras.
    Love Liz

    1. Yes, disappointing, but probably sensible. 😏 We are in Arras now and look forward to exploring. xox

  2. Hope you have found a nice relaxing place to stay in Arras. Good idea to give yourself enough time to fully recover . Loved your photos of wildflowers and the forest floor covered in bluebells ! So beautiful!

  3. Hope the rest is doing the trick, Lois. Bluebells much further ahead than here in Scotland!

  4. So sorry you are not always feeling well Lois. the pictures are beautiful as are the flowers. xo

    1. Thanks, Percy Ann! Yes, the hip is cooperating so far, it’s just these pesky viruses! We hope to be back on the path on Saturday. Hope all is well with you. I’m missing our Zoom chats! xox

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