Thursday July 4, 2013. Day 34

Whitemouth to West Hawk Lake

We left the B&B shortly after 7:00, heading north alongside fields of canola, corn, wheat and barley. We turned east onto the #44 (the old Highway 1) and almost immediately found ourselves on the Canadian Shield. The road was quiet and the scenery was novel, for now. Apart from dealing with one flat tire, the morning was uneventful. Later it got hotter and there was a headwind, which might have helped drive away, slightly, the multitude of horse flies that descended on us while moving.

West Hawk Lake is the deepest in Manitoba (111 m) and is in a meteorite crater from 100 million years ago. The community grew up around the old Highway 1 and today appears to be a thriving resort. It is attractive, well laid out and has a lovely sandy beach. The Nite Hawk Diner  is listed as one of Macleans “great Canadian pit stops”, and deservedly so.

We remain on the traditional territory of the Treaty 3 First Nations.

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