Friday July 5, 2013. Day 35

West Hawk Lake to Kenora, Ontario

A few minutes from West Hawk Lake, we joined the TransCanada, which, we were pleased to see had a newly paved hard shoulder. Soon after, we were at the Ontario border!  A couple of bikers on the other side of the highway, who were on their way to Rocky Mountain House from Sudbury, took our photo for us.  Just down the highway, at the Ontario Information Centre, there was a nicer sign, so we stopped for more photos. Here, we met a couple of cyclists, from White Rock, BC, Tanya and Jocelyn, who are also heading to St. John’s. They are riding in support of  Alzheimer’s awareness. They expect to get to Newfoundland around the end of August, so we agreed we would celebrate together if we arrive at the same time.

It was a pleasant, fairly easy, ride  along the #1, which turned into the #17 in Ontario. The wide paved shoulder continued  all the way and the scenery was dramatic, with boreal forest, rocky outcrops and many lakes.

 We also passed the 3000 km mark today.

Kenora is on the Lake of the Woods. We stood by the shore on the way to the Brewing Company of the same name.  They opened 2 weeks ago and their first beer, a blonde ale, was enjoyable.

We are on the traditional territory of the Objibway People’s, and specifically the Kenora First Nation.

2 thoughts on “Friday July 5, 2013. Day 35”

  1. Love reading your progress. Rod and I just got back from cycling 25km on the Gallopping Goose trail. I’m feeling it! So I really appreciate how fit you both are with hills and wind and poor riding shoulders, especially in 30C temperatures. Lots of guts and lots of glory! Loves & hugs.

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