Saturday July 6, 2013. Day 36

Kenora to Vermilion Bay

“Rocks and trees and trees and rocks and rocks and trees…and water.”  The Arrogant Worms sum it up! We also had hills today, and a headwind. But the beauty of the surroundings and cooler temperatures (i.e., cloudy, threatening to rain all day) made it a pleasant, if sometimes moderately challenging, day. We saw a cyclist parked on the other side of the highway, so went across to say hello. The two cyclists we met yesterday, Tanya and Jocelyn, had also stopped to talk with him (Alex)  and we took group photos.

Riding into Vermilion Bay, we noticed a bakery/roastery, which closes at 6:00 and is not open tomorrow, so we quickly checked into our motel, dumped our panniers and pedalled back quickly (now in the pouring rain) to enjoy good lattes (!), excellent corn chowder, roasted vegetable quiche and lemon tart. We also stocked up on goodies for tomorrow.

Wildlife Notes: Snapping Turtle (roadkill).
Question: why did the tortoise cross the road ?
Answer: to get a hare racing experience…

Flora Notes: Larger Blueflag

We remain in the traditional territory of the Ojibway Peoples and the Treaty 3 First Nations. The Eagle Lake First Nation is situated close to Vermilion Bay.

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