Sunday July 7, 2013. Day 37

Vermilion Bay to Dryden

We were awake early by the drone of mosquitoes and didn’t want to wait  around until the local cafe opened at 8:00, so we prepared instant oatmeal using hot water from the motel coffee maker (not a good idea!) and shared a cinnamon bun we’d bought last night.  The rain had just stopped, but it was very misty and we had to put on our headlights. It was a short ride,  but with many hills and a headwind, we were happy to get to Kupper’s Bakery in Dryden for Sunday Brunch. On the highway, we met another cyclist from Vancouver, Karim, who was crossing the country east to west. We will look him up on our return. He works in a bike store on Broadway not far from us!

The lumber industry is important to the economy of Dryden. There is a large paper mill right in the town by the Wabigoon River. In the 1960’s,  the Dryden Chemical Company, which supplied the mill, was the cause of extensive mercury contamination of the Wabigoon/ English River system. The results were devastating for some First Nations communities in North Eastern Ontario.

The Wabigoon Lake Ojibway First Nation is situated close to Dryden.

For our friends Rod Griffiths and Lois Parker.
For our friends Rod Griffiths and Lois Parker.

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