Monday July 8, 2013. Day 38

Dryden to Ignace

It was hot,  but we had a tailwind most of the day. The hard shoulder was only about half a metre for the majority of the  day and will be like this for the next three days. Paul remarked on the colourfulness of the rocks, flowers, lakes and sky but Lois was of the opinion that he was suffering the heat at this point! We stopped at a picnic site beside Revell River and drank tea, made in our David’s Tea mugs this morning – it was still warm!

At an ice cream stop at the end of the day we met up again with Tanya and Jocelyn and we all chatted to another person who was really enthusiastic about our trip. Yesterday,  we talked to a tour guide from Quebec who’s life dream is to traverse the country by bicycle. We are gratified that we continue  to get encouragement, astonishment and praise (and occasionally envy) from people like this every day.

Ignace was named after Ignace Mentour, the key First Nations guide during Sir Sandford Fleming’s 1872 railway survey.

We remain in the traditional territory of the Treaty 3 First Nations of the Ojibway Peoples.

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