Friday July 12, 2013. Day Off

The City of Thunder Bay is very spread out. The centres of the constituent communities of Port Arthur and Fort William are 7 kms apart. Although they were amalgamated in 1970 to create Thunder Bay, we were told that the communities remain fairly separate. It was certainly confusing to get around and we spent more than we should have on taxis as our hotel was on the edge of the city. We explored the Algoma Street area of Port Arthur, which is near the lakeshore that we visited yesterday. We found espresso and vegetarian chilli at the Bean Fiend, where we video-chatted with Jade and Rhys, Maritia and Steve. Then Lois went off for a birthday pedicure while Paul shopped for new bike gloves. We had tea and scones at the International House of Tea and later dinner at Bight. Unfortunately, we did not get to Hoito as recommended by Maritia from the time she spent in Thunder Bay doing an outbreak investigation.

2 thoughts on “Friday July 12, 2013. Day Off”

  1. I think your next retirement project should be “A Guide to eating across Canada”! I’m sure it would be very useful to those following your example.
    Keep up the good work you are doing really well, I continue to be impressed by my brother and sister in law.

    Love Liz

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