Friday July 11, 2014. Lois’ Birthday!

Lois woke up an offical OAP this morning! She is feeling slightly affronted by the attainment of this grand age, but appreciates that this represents many years of a most wonderful life, which, among other things, has produced 2 amazing childen, 2 amazing children-in-law, 2 amazing grand-children (so far!) and the great good fortune to still be rolling along beside (or, slightly behind) the love of her life!

It also means a day off in a posh hotel in Astoria, lots of pampering, flowers and chocolates – thank you, all!

Astoria is named after a merchant form the late 18th C. We think that there is a connection to the English Astor family which Liz, Paul’s sister, will appreciate. Lady Astor was one of the first woman English MPs and represented a riding in Plymouth in Devon, where Paul’s parents grew up.

The city has a vibrant downtown with interesting shops, many coffee places and brew pubs as well as some lovely buildings of architectural note. As we wandered the shops we chatted with a number of people, including a lady working in FinnWare, a hive of Scandinavian goods. She was saying that when she was young everyone used to go down to the beach to fish, but she was not allowed to fish from the shore, presumably because it was dangerous. Apparently there was a small hole in the floor of the boiler room in the cannery (now our hotel), which she said was too small to fall through but big enough for a fishing hole. Less dangerous, except to the ears, perhaps.

We stopped for “elevenses” (that’s what they advertised!) (i.e.,espresso and latte) at the Blue Scorcher Bakery and Cafe and then for lunch at the Wet Dog Cafe, sitting outside looking out on the river. An old trolley runs along the waterfront and we boarded for a short trip back to the hotel. It was long enough, however, given the running,  less than politically correct, commentary!

Tonight we are being treated to dinner at the Fort George Brewery Restaurant by Maritia, Steve, J & R.

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