Saturday July 12, 2014. Day 7

Astoria to Wheeler (77km)

With thanks to Lorraine and Ernest Hemingway.


The Blue Scorcher Bakery and Cafe is named after the first “safety bicycles”, those with two wheels. We left on our four wheels after coffee and carrying pastries and sandwiches. Spence, the driver of the Chevy Biscayne, told us that he had ordered a rhubarb and strawberry pie from the bakery, for his (third) wife’s birthday today. He also told us that his two other wives were also Cancers! He was delightful to talk to; we learned that he is a avid runner and takes part in a 10K race each year that starts on the Washington side of the bridge and ends with competitors climbing up the steep part that we had to negotiate on Thursday. We sympathized.
We reached Seaside to find a huge sandy beach thronged with people. Lewis and Clark overlook the sands as it was the end of their trail in 1805. One steep hill, and descent, found us in Cannon Beach, another long stretch of sand bordering a thriving resort town. Although the next two hills were again very steep and included one scary tunnel, we were rewarded by a fabulous view to the south along the coast. We are staying at Wheeler for the night.

Wildlife Notes: Peregrine Falcons

We are staying on the traditional territory of the Tillamook People. Their’s is a sad story.


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