March 29, 2017. Day 13

Ciudad Rodrigo to Salamanca – 89km

We left Ciudad Rodrigo later than hoped as there was nowhere we could get breakfast before 0900. This, we will have to get used to in Spain! Having lost two hours in the last three days (one to daylight saving time and the second through crossing the border), perhaps it was just as well.

The only way in and out of the old city is through the narrow city gates.

Puerta del Sol, Ciudad Rodrigo

The N620 continued to be very quiet, with a wide hard shoulder. This was our longest distance so far on this trip, but, now on the plains of the Meseta Central, we made good time.

La Ponderosa – great espresso!

The wide expanse reminded us of cycling across the Canadian prairie. The land was predominately pastureland, with some cultivation (wheat?) and groves of what we now know to be the holm oak, an evergreen with many uses. The soil is a rich red. To the far south, we could see the snow-topped Sierra de Gredos.

Holm (evergreen) oak and red soil near Salamanca
Like the prairies – snow covered mountains way in the background

White Storks continued to be a source of great interest for Paul and he counted 37 active nest before we reached Salamanca.

We hit our first steep hill of the day as we cycled up into the old city of Salamanca (is there a pattern here?) where we are staying in the lovely Salamanca Suite Studios (Lonely Planet).

We enjoyed the evening strolling through the Place Mayor and onto the wonderful Restaurant Vinodiario close to the Convento San Esteban.

Salamanca – with bike path

One thought on “March 29, 2017. Day 13”

  1. Dear Lois and Paul,
    It is interesting to follow your trip. We shall be in Turkey from the 30th of April to the 19th of May.
    I wonder if you can be there while we are there but we hope! It could nice if we could meet somewhere in Turkey.
    Good luck.
    Love Lene and Freddy.

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