March 30-31, 2017. Days off – Salamanca

The old city of Salamanca richly deserves its designation as a UNESCO world heritage site. It has many remarkable cathedrals, churches, plazas, convents, houses and museums; including the Cathedral Nuevo, the Cathedral Vieja and the Museo de Art Noveau y Art Deco.  We had a fascinating two days and could have spent a lot longer here, but we must move on!

Restaurants do not open for dinner in Spain until 8pm or later. Last night, we were at the Lis Restaurant when the doors were unlocked at 8:30. When we left at 10:00, no one else had yet come in, but we were assured that it would be full “later”!

Torre del Clavero 15th C
Convento e Iglesia de San Esteban
Hand scribed Gregorian chants.
Museo de Art Nouveau y Art Deco – ceiling window

2 thoughts on “March 30-31, 2017. Days off – Salamanca”

  1. Hi, Paul,
    I am living vicariously thru your postings, and feel the urge to hit the road again (a bit jealous of your adventure). Pictures are great!



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